Your one-stop SocialFi Platform

Track, trade, discover, analyse, share and more all on one platform.
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Track, Swap & Stake

Track the statistics of your portfolio, analyse it and share it with others. Also Easily Swap/Stake on Portify's platform for the best prices and APY's on multiple DEXs.
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Decentralized Social Portfolio

A Twitter-like social platform where users can share, discuss and trade together in a decentralized way.
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Supported Chains



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How Portify works

Connect your Binance Smart Chain wallet to the platform
Portify will read and scan your address
You will get personal portfolio page for analyzing and sharing to your friends
Portify will read and scan
your address
Connect your wallet to
Portify's Platform.
You will get a personalised portfolio page to analyze and share with your friends

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Road Map

Launch Website
Pancakeswap Listing
Coingecko & CMC Listing
First Beta test
Second Beta Test
Launch V1
Multi-wallet tracking
Multi-chain tracking
Polygon integration
Ethereum integration
Avalanche integration
First test of Byte (SocialFi Platform)
Launch V2: SocialFi Platform
Solana integration
Launch Mobile APP
Premium Features
Advanced analytics
Referral Program
More DEX support
NFT Market
And more


Who can see my portfolio?

Who can see my portfolio?

Once connected with a BSC wallet, you’ll have the choice between a public or private portfolio. A public portfolio will still hide the user’s address, but it allows them to show off the tokens they hold. Users will be given a randomly generated name, or the option to enter their own upon signup. These features will be available in V2.
How can I participate on the social platform?

How can I participate on the social platform?

Once the social platform is live, users will find a direct link on the top of the site. The platform will be open and available for everyone, but to share your own thoughts, signup is required.
How does Portify track my data?

How does Portify track my data?

Once signed up and logged in with a BSC address, the Portify app will trace down the public data associated with that address, and neatly display it on the Portify dApp Dashboard. Each transaction made on the blockchain is traceable. With the tools that the Portify platform provides, every transaction in your portfolio will be visible on a highly accessible dashboard.
How can I follow my friend's portfolio?

How can I follow my friend's portfolio?

People you know, or people you’d like to connect with, can exchange profile links. Each user’s settings will determine whether or not a link is required to view a given profile.